Visual Artist Jamila Walker

Project Portfolio Two

Curious Nature Project



May 2019 - May 2020


Working in collaboration with Lovely Land, we are so happy to be funded by The National  Community Fund. This programme of visual art and community garden work for all ages,


'Curious Nature Project.'


The Curious Nature Project is a seasonal programme of nature-inspired activities and events. Designed to create opportunities for the local community to engage with their shared green spaces, and access a connection with nature right on their doorstep.


Myself and Lovelyland are working in partnershio, to create a varied programme of creative, accessible, explorative actitives, for specific groups and ages, inc yoga, print making and more. The events and activities, celebrate our outdoor spaces and engage with local community, inclusively.


We will devise, run and evaluate most of the work, however we are also very lucky to be working with other local creatives, including Romy Design, Painted Life and Embody art and yoga.


We are concentrating our projects in the Belle Vue and Castlefields communities, within Shrewsbury, Shropshire.


CNP logo designed by me along with all the illustrative work plus some photography.

Funding Logo Jamila Walker Logo 2014 72 dpi WEBSITE 72 dpi Curious Nature Project - amended logo high res Hi-Res Logo 72 dpi Alison start of session 1 - Macrame 2nd June 2019 CNP. 72 dpi Materials 1 - Macrame 2nd June 2019 CNP. 72 dpi Macrame workshop 2nd June 2019 - Illustration 62263927_10158471458286124_4315573221941313536_n 72 dpi FINAL Version 2 - Community Picnic - 30th August 2019 - Poster 72 dpi CNP Banner Final 72 dpi CNP Banner Final 72 dpi a CNP Picnic more - natural paintbrushes 72 dpi a CNP Picnic 11